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Who is Jesus? at Campus Crusade for Christ (choose between an Interactive version and the JESUS Film version)

Who is Jesus?, The Four Spiritual Laws, The JESUS Video, The Holy Spirit Booklet (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Ten Action Steps for New Christians (Back to the Bible)

Introduction to Bible Basics (a course for beginners)

Charts and Outlines at Blue Letter Bible (invaluable study tool)

Bible Reading Plans at Back to the Bible (read through your Bible in one year by choosing among 5 unique reading plans: Chronological, Historical, Old and New Testament Together, Beginning to End, or Blended)

Bible Basics: A Study Manual (systematic way to learn the Bible with eleven study guides and review questions)

Portraits of the Apostles (Blue Letter Bible)

Bible Studies (short two-week reading plans taken from Back to the Bible)

Bible Trivia at Back to the Bible (test your knowledge of the Bible)

Basics of Bible Study (a contemporary introduction to Bible study written by a former staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ)

New Christians (Gospelcom)

Bible Studies Online at Back to the Bible (choose studies that are topical, related to specific books of the Bible, or that you can do with your children)

Introductions to the Books of the Bible (Blue Letter Bible)

Introduction to the Bible (view Places of the Bible with 360 degree, interactive, IPIX Pictures; read a description of the characters mentioned in the Bible, and explore Bible topics)

Bible Basics for Smart People

Topical Bible Studies

Exploring the Bible (In Touch Ministries)

Great Heroes of the Bible (In Touch Ministries)

Christianity Today (magazine)

Bible Study Resources on the Web (links to many of the better resources available online. Resources include Bibles, study guides, lesson plans, etc.)

Read the Bible in One Year at Crosswalk

Biblenotes (the entire Holy Bible is summarized with easy-to-read review notes and keypoints)


Bible Study Tools at Crosswalk (Bibles, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, histories, guides to Bible study)

Study Light (look up a verse and get context-sensitive commentary passages. Note: The box next to "Include Resources" should be checked to automatically list, in the right column, all commentaries matching your query)

Fast and Easy Search Methods at Studylight

New Testament Gateway ("Welcome to The New Testament Gateway, your comprehensive, up to date, annotated directory of good academic New Testament internet resources. This site updated frequently and is designed to load quickly to encourage easy reference for regular viewing. Enjoy browsing through the site's twenty-seven topically organised pages, or use the site's search facility." This superb site is maintained by Mark Goodacre at the University of Birmingham)

Classic Bible Commentaries (a great resource with many classic Bible commentaries by such Christian writers as John Wesley, Martin Luther, and John Darby. Organized according to scripture reference)

Blue Letter Bible Home Page ("A KJV Bible with over 1,000,000 links to Lexicons, Concordances, conservative Christian commentaries, and six searchable Bible Dictionaries... Our mission is to facilitate in-depth study of God's Word through an on-line interactive reference library continuously updated from the teachings and commentaries of selected pastors and teachers who hold to the conservative, historical Christian faith." This site offers Hebrew and Greek lexical resources.

Search Tools at Blue Letter Bible (search tools include a Word and Phrase Search, a Strong's Concordance Number Search, Detailed Word Search, Verse Retrieval Search, Multiple Verse Retrieval Search, and a FAQ Search)

Treasure of Scripture Knowledge Tutorial at Blue Letter Bible (learn how to use this helpful search tool at Blue Letter Bible. The Treasure correlates every passage of Scripture to other passages that relate in one way or another. This is not a lexical concordance but a concordance of ideas, an index of thoughts)

Modern Reformation (periodical whose editor-in-chief is Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Westminster Seminary California)

Biblical Studies at Virtual Religion Index (best site for the academic study of religion on the Internet)

Christian Tradition at Virtual Religion Index (best site for academic study of religion on the Internet)

Biblical Studes (Academic Info)

Finding God in Cyberspace: A Guide to Religious Study Resources on the Internet (started in 1994, this guide provides a selective listing of the best Internet resources of interest to religious studies scholars and students of religion. Rather than attempt a comprehensive listing of religious information on the Internet, this guide selectively points to the best gateways to specific types of religious information. This guide is especially designed to provide both novice and advanced Internet researchers with a helpful starting point for online religious research)



Great Christian Classics Ethereal Library (an excellent resource for electronic texts: the Bible, commentaries, hymns, sermons, Early Church Fathers (38 vols.), and many texts from the history of Christianity).

Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion ("A selective, annotated guide to a wide variety of electronic resources of interest to those who are involved in the study and practice of religion: syllabi, electronic texts, electronic journals, websites, bibliographies, listserv discussion groups, liturgies, reference resources, software, etc. The purpose of the Guide is to encourage and facilitate the incorporation of electronic resources into teaching.")

Bible Texts (Bible Commentary: exploring the original biblical texts, early Christian writings, and Christian values, practices, teachings, and history prior to 313 A.D.)

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies (focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world)

Into his Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus (designed as a tool for the historical study of Christian scriptures)

Maps, Archaeology & Chronology (the companion Web site to the PBS Frontline Special: From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians)

A Chronological Bible Timeline: An Introduction

Bible Basics - New Testament - Origins

Bible Maps, Pictures & Timelines (most comprehensive list of bible maps and pictures on the Internet)

Bible World History Timeline (easily compare 6000 years of Bible history and prophecies to world history... at a glance)

Christian History & Biography (Christianity Today)

Historical Jesus (New Testament Gateway)

Timelines (Blue Letter Bible)

Greco-Roman Studies (Virtual Religion Index)

Archaeology & Religious Art (Virtual Religion Index)

Bible History Online (includes Archaeology; Images & Art; Maps & Geography; Timelines & Charts)

Bible History Online: Timelines & Charts

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians (the companion Web site to the PBS Frontline Special. Some scholars have faulted the program for downplaying the Resurrection and ignoring evangelical viewpoints)